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Dr. Spud
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Animation that moves player in worldspace

I'm working on a player model in a Source 2007 mod, and I would like to have animations that offset the player's position in the world. That is, the root bone's movement in model space gets translated to player movement in world space.

I can't find any information about how to do this, but I've seen it done before in a couple games:
-Blade Symphony (back when it was still a mod) does this with sword swings and rolls: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HdAG8-zQ6c
-Left 4 Dead 2 appears to do this in a few animations as well, particularly when the camera cuts to thirdperson and the character does something like dragging a door open, or other unique actions.

(Unfortunately, mdldecompiler can't generate propper QCs for those animations, so I can't just decompile models from those games and see how they were done.)

I'm guessing this can be done with the right QC commands. The VDC mentions the commands "walkframe" and "walkalign" (link) , but I've tried using them without success. When I use walkframe, in-game the player model will simply slide around in-place.

I also found something else out. When I played my compiled sequence in the model viewer, and enabled the "Ground" and "Movement" display options, I noticed that the ground moves underneath the model, and a movement box trails behind indicating how far it moved. However, when I opened Blade Symphony and L4D2 character models in the Model Viewer and played the sequences that move the player through the world, the ground moves, but the movement box stays centered around the model. This is purely speculation, but I'm willing to bet this has something to do with why those animations move the player properly and mine does not. To see what I'm talking about, try opening up survivor_gambler.mdl in the L4D2 Model Viewer, and play the sequence "GetUpFrom_TankRock" and compare it to any of the "Run_" sequences. The TankRock sequence shows the movement box stay centered on the player, but the Run_ sequences trail a box behind them.

Does anyone know how to do this, or what QC commands I need to use? If extra code needs to be added to my mod that's fine too, although I get the feeling that Source supports this already.

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Did you create your animation that causes the box to trail behind on the spot or moving in the 3d package ?
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