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Some questions


i am fairly new to the source sdk but i have expiriance in modding and game programming.

so my questions:

1.Where do i get a "blank" Source SDK?
(i always see it mixed with some game, that already has some kind of mechanics in it.)

2.If there isnt any, can i mod the "mixed" Source Engine in a way that lets you think its a seperate full game?
(like a custom menu etc)

thats it for now. Thanks in advance!
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Go to edit game configurations and press new
Make a mod.
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The best bet would be either making a mod to get your own settings of a game or use another game that can be used like Half-Life 2. Even tho it has combine and all that weapons you can still use it to make maps for other things.

You can make a mod! Take a game that exists, create a mod and change everything you want: Remove weapons, add content, ect.
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yeh. i tried to set up a "blank" mod last week too. it didn't work. hammer depends on files in the hl2 gcf's. so you gotta make it atleast a mod for it. else the tools don't work correctly. ingame you can do whatever you want. if you create all content and code you need yourself without depending on data from hl2 you have a standalone game/mod that basicly only needs the engine's binaries and your own stuff. so... yeah it's a seperate full game/mod.

hope this helps.
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I did not want to create a new thread for a few simple questions

Read the description of the engine, I realized that I really liked.I'm interested,whether is possible to create casual game like mahjong or bejeweled using Source SDK?If possible, how many time need to realize?

Sorry my bad English, I use google translate and my small knowledge =)
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