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Exclamation June 2012 Status Update!

New Enemy Classes
The Grip: Grabs player's bullets and holds onto it. At a certain time, it will then fire the bullet back at the player.

The Push: Charges at the player, pushing them around the grid. The enemy can not kill the player directly, but it will try to push you into other enemies, so watch out.

The Guardian: Bullets deflected off the Guardians will now travel properly.

The Guardian & The Grip: Projectiles from the Guardian/Grip enemies will now impact and kill other enemies. This can be both good and bad, depending on what they hit and whether or not you're paying attention.

Engine: Engine being re-written again from the ground up. So far, performance has doubled. Windows version will no longer be SDL, but rather native Win32 and OpenGL. Gamepad support will be VASTLY improved in this release.
Mac and Linux versions will enter development after Win is stable & complete.

Grid: Grid math has been completely redone, resulting in a better looking, more accurate, and faster/smoother grid.

Grid Modes:
Mode 0 (no ripple, legacy devices) = Disabled
Mode 1 (ripple for player shots & bombs, manual shots only) = Current Arcadia Default
Mode 2 (ripple for player shots & bombs only, even autoshots) = Older Arcadia Default
Mode 3 (ripple for EVERYTHING. Enemy ripple depends upon their "mass" and size) = Awesome Mode

Console: Console usability will be vastly improved.

Local Multiplayer: Two player only at current. Configurations supported are currently Keyboard/Mouse + Gamepad, or Two Gamepads.

Internet/LAN Multiplayer: In development. This is difficult, so it may not be in the first new Arcadia version when it comes.

Key Bindings: Dynamic in-game keybindings, as well as gamepad configuration & binds.

Custom Gamemode: Custom mode is being developed. No further details yet.
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Apologies for how long this patch is taking guys. I'm trying to make it as bug-free and perfect as I can!

I'm starting networking in a few weeks, so guess what that means

I'm also implementing scripting, perhaps with Steam Workshop, so you guys can share your own AI

I'll try to keep Saijin posted!
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27 June 2012 Update
Okay, so I thought I'd give you guys an update on where I'm at.
So far the engine revision has:
All the stuff you'd expect.
Key binding
Lua scripting*

About the lua scripting, it's really basic, I'm going to do all the main stuff in the engine, as you'd expect, and then expose most of the game to lua. I also need to document it.. Cheating is a big problem that could arise though. But I can always have it ignore whether there are any changes to the AI or gameplay and just default onto ones that I set.

What exactly does this mean? Well it means you guys can create your own AI and gamemodes! I plan to include the Steam Workshop.

Now, I will probably get screams in my ear from Saijin, "WHERES MULTIPLAYER!!!!" ( :P ) There's a really basic networking layer. We're still learning it. So just be patient.
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