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conversion of c-points to zen?

I've just read form the sto launcher that from the 12-07-12 all the c-points are being converted to zen! can anybody inform us of how this will affect us buying c-points from our steam wallet (this is how i get mine as i loose nothing in the conversion)

thank you
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That depends. Here is the answer from the Q&A on the C-point to zen transition concerng steam;

Q: Can I still purchase Cryptic Points through Steam?
Cryptic Points will no longer be available through Steam, however, when logged in through Steam, you will be able to purchase ZEN directly within Cryptic Games using Steam Wallet. ZEN purchased for Champions Online or Star Trek Online using Steam Wallet will go directly into your ZEN balance in-game.
Reality, not so much. I was hoping to get some answers here because when I try to purchase c-points(the transition isn't until tomorrow) they bring the website up (when I'm ingame) and try to sell me zen with no steam wallet payment option.


So I tried again and now it works. Go figure. This was after logging out closing the program and starting it up again. It looked as though a small patch partially uploaded prior to "engage" but I'm fairly certain it was the same small patch that had partially uploaded when I had logged in the first place an hour or so before.

Oh well maybe they'll get it sorted out tomorrow. It just seems like another circumstance where they want their branding (PW) up and visible ASAP. The problem is it just makes them look bad because the premature,"LOOK AT ME" is associated with an inconvinience to the customer.

A similar situation occurred with a recent forum transition. Apparently they have a Core Connect feature that acts as a character repository and guild link for many of their games. If STO had been one of them (ie they adjusted the program to allow STO characters and fleets to be listed) they probably could have put a positive spin on the move by showcasing the utiliy/tool. Instead the mentioned feature was nonfunctional for STO, and there were a host of login, account issues and a new forum UI that looks like it crawled out of the 1990's.

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there is also a thread on the FAQ that states that while some prices may go up..(and it gives the impression that relates to in-game prices, such as what you can buy in the now miss named 'C-Store', how much an item costs...example.. 10 lock box keys were 900 C-points..it is now 1125 zen) that it will be due to the conversion of 100 C-points = 125 Zen points.. what they haven't told you is that if you buy your Zen points through your steam wallet etc, it used to cost £4 for 500 C-points..it now costs £4.50 to buy 500 Zen...still cant get my head round that...surely 500 zen points would be cheaper than 500 C-points?

my maths is nowhere as good as it used to be...but......

the only answer i can think of.. every time there is a change of currency anywhere.. prices always go up to rip you off
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This has been ongoing, and yes, it is a means for PW to make more money off of the game. That being said, at least you don't have to pay a subscription fee, and there is very little that you cannot do on a free account. But I do a agree that it is a little shady, but at least now it is all zen.
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