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Lego: Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Performance Issues

Never mind. Problem solved. Missed a recent driver update for my graphics card.

I've got a weird performance issue with this game that I cannot fix. Upon starting the game the video plays at a choppy and unplayable rate. The audio plays normally but it is almost as if the game itself is skipping small chunks of time. Navigating menus is very difficult because the game does not register all inputs. I managed to set all Video and Effects options to their lowest settings and this did nothing to the performance of the video, bad or good. This problem begins with the initial startup of the game with the first screen of legal business and persists throughout.

I have had no issues running any other LEGO game on my system and my setup should be well more than enough to run this game at its highest settings.

MS Windows 7 64-bit SP1

Intel Core i5 760 @ 2.80GHz

4.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 803MHz (9-9-9-24)

768MB GeForce GTX 460 (EVGA)

I wasn't able to find anyone else with the same problem, nor was I able to locate a help section (or any mention of the game) on Warner Bros Interactive or Travelers Tales websites. I'm hoping someone around here can figure this out.

Thanks for any help,


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