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Really Braid is a masterpiece.
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Beatiful design, challenging puzzles... I'd like a little more platforming, levels are just about puzzles.

Good game anyway, not that milestone as they told me but good game.
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Originally Posted by MomentDEFINED View Post
All games are art; it's simply more prevalent in Braid than many others.

Personally, I find that Braid really showed how artistic games can be. The graphics, wonderful paintings. The music, fabulous melodies. But what I really think was the most artistic and basically the best part was the puzzles. Whenever you solve a puzzle, a feeling greater than any beautiful picture or good music encapsulates you.

That is, in my opinion, what makes Braid a piece of art. But don't get me wrong: the graphics and music helped immensely. When rewinding time, these two really made the experience all the more enjoyable.

(However I didn't like the story. Way too vague for me, and even if I did manage to decipher it, it'd probably be pretty depressing and have some sort of metaphorical meaning that I wouldn't like.)
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Some of the puzzles are just overly complex.
Does nothing but pss me off LOL.

I don't like when puzzle games make me stare at the screen for 30 minutes to figure them out. :\

but apart from that I liked the game mucho.
though wasn't a big fan of the character TIM.
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Jack Pipsam
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Make no mistake, all games are art.
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