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Looking for an IL-2 Aerobatic group?

I've been always WAY to interested in planes and aerobatics and the whole deal. I love to fly and i think its the best feeling ever. I aspire to be a pilot in the U.S Air force eventually.

Well, i am looking to join a Il-2 Aerobatics group, if there are even some anymore :P. I have a mic and a joystick, i will use both. I have decent flying skills, better then the average noob :P. And Ive been playing IL2 for a little while now, but i just got into Multi-Player. May it be noted, i suck at shooting :P.

If you wish to contact me with information about a Aerobatic group i could possibly join you can email me at rayraytay1997@gmail.com or add me on Skype at jokeronomy1 if you do add me on skype make sure you put that your adding me about this .

Thanks for your time.
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Hey Snakelure,

The II/JG77 are still very active playing together and having events, in fact recently we have opened a dedicated server. We communicate via teamspeak.

Check us out and send in an application

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