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Final Fantasy XI: How Do I Create a PlayOnline ID?

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This information is taken from another site its quite accurate from what I remember, thank you to the original author for writing this

Since the process is quite complicated, and Square-Enix has just changed how it works, I felt it might be nice to post a tutorial on how to register for a new Final Fantasy XI account to start playing.

You need to register a Square Enix Account, google Square Enix Account and you will find the page fro your region.

1.Once you have this account, please log-in. Next you are going to the 'Services and Options' menu on the bottom left side of the screen and click on 'Select Service'

2.This will load a new window with two options. One is for "Final Fantasy XIV" and one for "PlayOnline/Final Fantasy XI." Select "PlayOnline/Final Fantasy XI."

3.Once this page is loaded, there is a white button that reads "PlayOnline," Please click this button.

4.This next page will ask for your registration code for Final Fantasy XI. Since you have purchased this from Steam, you will only have the single code to unlock all content. Please enter your code and click "Next"

5.Please follow the instructions from here to finish adding your game to your account. (I would finish this part of the tutorial in detail, but I don't personally have a code to register) If this part of the registration does NOT ask you to create a content ID, please continue the tutorial.

6.Completing this should return you to the "PlayOnline / FINAL FANTASY XI - Service Accounts" page.
Please locate the "PlayOnline / FINAL FANTASY XI : (Your PlayOnline ID) [US] under the "Active Service Accounts" header and click on the "Options List" button.

7.This will take you to the Options List page where you will need to click on the "Add new options" button.

8.Please read the Guide to Adding Options on this following page and click "Next."

9.This page will ask you if you wish to use a credit card or Square-Enix's account currency called "Crysta." Crysta has to be purchased with a credit card to be added to your Square-Enix account anyway and is not cheaper than simply using your credit card for the monthly charges.

10.There is only one option for period length and that is 30 days. Please click the Next button.

11.This page will ask you how many characters you wish to have. The base service fee for Final Fantasy XI is $11.95 and does not technically include your first character. You can choose to have anywhere from 1 to 13 characters each costing an additional $1.00. So your total monthly cost can be anywhere from $12.95 up to $24.95. You can alter this selection at any time. Please note, you will not be charged for the first month of service and this is only showing you how much you will pay once your free 30-day trial has expired.

(Personal note: I would recommend only starting with the one character as you can eventually unlock and play ALL 20 JOBS on a single character... I have only ever used a second character as a means to store more gear.)

Select the amount of characters you wish to have and click Next.

12.This will be a final confirmation screen with your total monthly charges for the game listed. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can click the "Add options" button to finalize your re-occurring subscription.

13.You can now log-in to PlayOnline and begin playing Final Fantasy XI.

I will be updating this tutorial as new information comes in and when I can get screen shots and upload them.
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