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I Hear This Game Is Good In 3D?

Can anyone confirm this. I love playing games in 3D Vision. It really draws me into the game world. What are your experiences with 3D Vision in Just Cause 2. Will it be a good showcase to show my family my 3D Monitor.
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I finally finished my 3d vision setup yesterday. So far I've only tried Crysis 2, farcry 2 and right now I tried just cause 2(I guess that the number 2 is universal in my life, even the glasses are 3d vision 2), and I have to say, I am BLOODY impressed with the 3d in this game, only thing that makes me really sad is that I didn't experience this awesomeness earlier. Although, the 3d has been really good in those other games as well that I've tried so far.
So my vote, go for it!
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