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What I love about Dear Esther

It's the subtle things that do it for me. Like in the screenshot link below, you can see a subtle silhouette on the cliff in the middle of the pic. Obviously, it was gone when I got there.

Are there more similar subtle things like this one in the game?

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Yeah, just one of a few ghostly figures in the game. So many people miss them, so well spotted.
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Honestly when I played I had no idea there was anything like ghostly figures etc, I thought the entire experience was just scenery.

...Thus when I noticed my first ghostly figure it actually really scared the hell out of me and raised my paranoia levels because I really wasn't sure if I saw it or not lol. Once I saw a couple more (including the one you posted) I was able to confirm I wasn't crazy at least.

Still... kept me on edge for the rest of the game, even though I KNEW from talk about it there were no actual scary moments or even vaguely action-esque parts.
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The second ghost I saw startled me pretty bad, which is hard, but they do a good job of making you feel totally alone. I spotted it from the sheperds house holding a light in a cave. I thought it a neat static gimmick. When I went around and down the path I caught a glimpse of it in the corner of my eye walking up the cave steps. I didn't expect it to be able to move!!

Other than that two little details I loved were all the coins in the pool at the bottom of the tall shaft (a wishing well?), and if you follow the river in the underground cave to the end you'll find the river exit clogged with paper boats.
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There are a lot of small scenery details. I found an ultrasound near a bird nest on a beach.
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