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Post I need a 3D modeler for TF2 Workshop!

Hi, this is my first post on the Steam Forums so tell me if I put this on the wrong section.

So, down to business. I love art, and the only thing I love more is Team Fortress 2. Also I have no computer skills in modeling at all, so i am willing to make a partnership with someone and we can split profits if the weapons/hats we make are incorporated into the game.

(Note: 2D models are hand-drawn)

What I do
-Create Ideas
-Write concept
-Draw Concept
-Finish all stats
-Create a basic 2D model

What you do
-Create the 3D model
-Texture it
-Code the item to it's stats provided by me
-Send me the item files when your done and i will test it
and give feedback

After all this is done I will upload it on my steam account and give half credits (%50 me %50 you) and if it is incorporated you get paid!

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I've never met a 3d artist who never had his own ideas.... a better tactic is to offer the modeler upfront payment (i should say guaranteed payment upon asset delivery to you) as a service, and then you reap any possible rewards yourself if you offer a high enough upfront money, or offer a small amount of upfront with a split (75% you and 25% them). There's a ton of well-crafted items on the workshop now that isn't or won't make it into the game.

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