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Steam Download Stop and Start

Hopefully someone will be able to help me on a problem I've been having for months.
Every time I download anything in Steam it stops and starts at a regular pattern for the whole download.
It also seems to hijack all the bandwidth (eg: i can't use the internet while downloading as web pages time out.)
I also lose my connection to steam regularly during downloads, but hardly ever lose connection at any other time

There is a second PC in the house, and that downloads at a steady rate, so I suspect its PC related.

I've turned every start-up program off in msconfig, and it still hasn't helped.
I've also changed my download region a number of times, but it happens on each region.

Screen shot showing the issue. (my normal internet speed is around 6 to 7 Mb/s and I get just short of 900kb/s maximum download rate on steam)

Hope someone can help. it's driving me to despair!! Thanks.
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To a degree gaps in the d/l feed are normal, but it shouldn't be constant and extreme as you describe, or hog all your bandwidth.

I realise your comment about msconfig selective startup mode, but not knowing the specs of your setup, I can only suggest you look at:

Programs Which May Interfere with Steam (uninstalling can be required, partcularly AV)


Setting Client Rates

Slow Downloads and Connection to Content Servers

Troubleshooting Network Connectivity
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Thanks B33 ENN, useful links there.

I went through and tried most of those suggestions but none worked.

As a last resort I dug out an old (suspected broken) router and tried that. Hey presto, download is constant at just under 1Mb/s.

Obviously something wrong with my regular router.
Anyway, thankyou for the reply and the links.
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