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Are they kidding?

I'm not sure I'd even want my kids to play a game like this. It just feels so...unpolished, incomplete, boring and rushed. I seriously want to hear if anyone enjoyed this.
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I like this kind of game (block that matter, ect ...)

And I enjoy fish fillets 2 so far, there is a lot of levels, and the puzzle are difficult.
I also like the dialogs.

So yes, for less than 5$, I think the game worth it.
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what you mean it feels unpolished , incomplete and boring ?

the game is continuation of very our successful puzzle game,
which after some time was released as opensource

Fish Fillets 2 is way more visually nicer, way better narrated and has more puzzles etc.

ofcourse if You not into puzzle games then You might not like it

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Fish Fillets is one of the best puzzle games I've seen. It's not a very popular genre, but I know plenty of other people who feel the same way.

It sounds like you didn't try it for very long or had the wrong kind of expectations.
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So like, why is it called Fish Fillets when all the media on the store page is calling it The X Fillets?
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i thought the game was bad.

not because it was to hard, which they are, but that the point. no the game was crap because of all the bugs. i cant get it to run some of the puzzle at all, and a few i can cant run if ther nay vidoe half way though. every once in a while the game just froze making all the effort to that point on a puzzle pointless. any cut secine and the game menu stopped working too so i count even find the tree of what puzzle wher unlocked. as such it's totlay buggy.

so buggy, it just made it utterly unplayable.

as such feel ripped off, that steam sold a game that so full of bugs that it cant run and so cant be played at all.

tryed to in stall it 2 time but.. it cant work and no patch came out ot fix the massive gamiping visual bugs.

so the game was negaitve 50. and a +10 on the rip off scale.
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