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Heroic Mode / Achilles Achievement

Has anyone come up with any decent strategies that have got them through levels quicker? Right now i'm on the thrid level, got right to the area before the final showdown with the two missile guys. Has anyone had any better luck?

Right now the upgrades I have are the plasma grenade and its alt fire, increased firing speed for plasma gun, taser and its alt fire. While playing the third level i pickup the shotgun and increased perception mode. I'm thinking about switching the shotgun up for the grenade launcher...not sure though.

I'm hoping to get the smartgun and rail gun as soon as possible. I'm sure others have gotten farther than me. What are your upgrade strategies?
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My strategy is to get the grenade launcher with gravity alt fire first. After that i prioritize the railgun followed by all the health upgrades. Finally: Rocket laucher and i´m all set
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My strategy is to go wide to get the minimum amount of upgrades to allow you to buy the better upgrades, then deep for the weapons and specialisations you want. Essentially, I did shotgun, enhanced perception 2 upgrades, grenade launcher with gravity, health, rocket with homing, rail-gun, ammo, then specialise my rocket and rail-gun combo to max out their damage as I find them the most useful.

Well it was something like that. Basically install as few upgrades as possible to activate the rocket or rail-gun so that I have some heaving hitting weapons that will hit rather than that frigging grenade flying back into my face as I fire it into a pack of gravity welled helicopter heads. Argghh!, that I won't forget in a hurry.
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