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MDK2 HD - some slight problems...

While enjoying the game again after all those years I have some minor problems.

First my desktop icon is just a white square. Come on Steam and Beamdog! You cannot even provide a game icon?

Second I cannot disable EAX in the options. I disable it, but when entering the options again it is still switched on. I wouldn't mind but I DON'T have EAX and from time to time a get bad music distortion in the game. I think this comes from EAX enabled.

Third I believe that at least some content is missing from the game. Just to be sure some spoiler space...

***** SPOILER *****

When playing Doc Hawkins you pick up up a fish bowl and at a grating you put the fishy in the water. AFAIR there was a mini game where you played the fish to find a button to open a door for the Doc. Now the door opens automaticly after deploying the fish. It is possible that I don't remember this properly but if this is missing then - WHY?
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Got also some issues. Right now i'm stuck in end of Level 3 (Big Brain).
When cutting off the video Sequence via ESC-Key nothing happens. It pauses and nothing more. When i wait it gets into a loop somewhere where the brain with its ship flies away.

Yeah. That Mini-Game with the fish. I can remember. That's missing.

A desktop icon is not the only thing that lacks professionality.
The Game is called "HD" - Great to see higher resolution during gaming. But... come on: Main Menu in 4:3? Some videos the same! (Cropped off the sides) I awaited a bit more...
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I'm having the same problem as Zocker with Big Brain.
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Just played through the game, and that part wasn't missing for me.
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