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Servers running an old HLDS aren't listed any more

This affects servers based on the Goldsource (HL1) engine, so HL1, CS 1.6, TFC, DoD etc.
Re: [hlds] Half-Life 1 dedicated server update released

Fletcher Dunn
Wed, 08 Aug 2012 10:57:26 -0700

This change is going live today. Direct UDP heartbeats from Half-Life 1
servers will no longer be supported. You must update your server to get the
latest Steam binaries, which support the new protocol.

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To: Half-Life dedicated Linux server mailing list
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Subject: [hlds_linux] Half-Life 1 dedicated server update released

We have released an update to Half-Life 1 dedicated servers. This update fixes
a potential vulnerability in the challenge/response protocol uses for out of
band queries (in particular A2S_RULES and A2S_PLAYERS responses). The update
also fixes sprays not functioning correctly when new users join a server.

Also as a reminder, we will be disabling the older heartbeating protocol later
this week so you need to update to be listed on the master server. This change
only effect the server side, any clients (i.e server list generators or
management tools) will be unaffected by this change.

- Alfred
Source: http://www.mail-archive.com/hlds@lis.../msg49427.html
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As I understand the change detailed above is the reason setmaster no longer has any function.
How can I check to find out whether or not I really am listed on the master server, as my BT router has some limitations it is quite hard to ascertain whether people are just joining from online server monitor sites where I have manually added the server.
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