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Question 2 Questions: How long is this game AND is there any replay value?

Thanks in advance.
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ive only completed the game once and steam says ive played for 8 hours. as for replayability there is more than 1 ending. the story is good though and the interaction between the PC and the ai is really good, helps suck you into the game.
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has a high replay value because there is more than 1 ending to the game like johnny said
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I've finished the game with over 10 hours.

The single player is great.
Decent story, good characters and some rpg elements.

About the port.
The game was patched several times.
Today it's a decent pc game.
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I'm about eight hours in and on the final chapter now.

I'm kind of interested in replaying because I've been wondering what/how much things would change based on the team I chose to go along with me, as well as the different endings of course.
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if you like "hard reset" then you would like this game too i think. the gameplay is very similar, like upgrading your stuff in checkpoint stores.
some other stuff you might notice:
1. the dialogue is extremely cheesy and stereotypical that it could make some people cringe. maybe because the people who made the spoken lines are not americans? however i find the overarching story, especially near the end, interesting in a sci-fi kind of way. this would make a great movie or book, without the dialogue.
2. the gear and skills you acquired in one complete play-through will not carry into another. i finished the hard mode, and tried the unlocked hardest mode and it didn't seem to have any of stuff i acquired.
3. there should be more weapon selections. you will be given options of combat rifle, pistol, shotgun, sniper, rocket launcher, and grenade assortments. there is only one type of each of those weapons. there are no other types of weapons or options to attach scopes to combat rifles which would've been nice.
4. in regards to replayability, the only thing that will change is a slight difference in the final outcome. it's 99% the same stuff. i couldn't imagine playing it again if the combat is not that good, just for the sake of seeing the thing that will change in the end. i'd rather youtube it. but for some people, the combat is worth it, as well as the achievements. however, gameplay is just too average for me.
can't comment on multiplayer as i haven't tried that yet.
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