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gamepad support with big picture mode?

First: im not saying i expected all games to work with gamepad support in the first hours of the beta

that being said, I was trying out big picture mode with my xbox controller. the ui is pretty nice, everything is pretty fluid, decided to launch TF2.

looked in options and enabled gamepad support. only the left thumb stick does anything and i have to use it to make my guy move forward and backward and look left and right. none of the face buttons do anything. the home button brings up the big picture overlay and i can take screen shots with right trigger as intended. but nothing else as far as game functionality.

am i missing something? is there a way to map gamepad buttons in the options that i missed? is my controller messed up? do i need to just hold on a minute and they will probably improve gamepad support for tf2? all these questions and more answered in next weeks episode?
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Open the console, type "exec 360controller".
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Anyways, Steam's "Big Picture" is a beta, not an actual release. Its just a beta that brings a whole new interface so it gets attention. Don't expect that you will be able to play most Steam games smoothly with a gamepad until they release it.
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