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Question ConVarRef gpu_level doesn't point...

Alright, so I was going to try to mess around with the Counter Strike: Global Offensive version of cs_office. Perhaps even customize it for my community's game server. However I am very new to map editing, and I have run into two, or if they are directly related, one error while trying to run cs_office.vmf straight out of the SDK content folder without even editing it.

The first error shows up in yellow saying:

ConVarRef gpu_level doesn't point to an existing ConVar

I have no idea what I can do to fix that. Anyone?

The second problem I am having is with instances:

Could not open instance file instances/lights/office_garage_light_on.vmf

Again guys I am very new to map editing and pretty much ignorant to most tech terms for hammer. But I did find the instances in cs_office.vmf viewing through hammer, and I tried changing the garage_light_on.vmf instances to run off of the office_overhead_light_on.vmf, and when I did the message would then change to Could not open instance file instances/lights/office_overhead_light_on.vmf. I even tried using 'office_overhead_light_off.vmf' and 'office_garage_light_off.vmf' and I continued getting the same error when I tried to run the map.

Eventually I pretty much destroyed my saved edit of the cs_office trying to optimistically prune out the bad instances(I assume they were such).

But anyway, if I can get those two errors fixed, then I feel confident that I can not only run the cs_office.vmf without editing it, but then that when I do add my own additions and changes that it will also run successfully, as those are the only problems that keep reporting no matter what I do with this particular map.

For reference I loaded de_nuke.vmf, and went straight to run map, it began scrolling text and looked to be working so I closed it down after several minutes, so I believe this is isolated on cs_office.vmf.

In case it may help, I will include a screenshot of the window and both errors.

If anyone could help me at all I would be greatly appreciative.
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Sadly about to prepare and search for an experience map editor, and offer monetary exchange for the completion of the map I was originally trying to build. lol Clearly in above my head.
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