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When I launch my game ( it did it on initial install also) The game performes first time setup (step 1 of 1) Installing: Microsoft DirectX prereq check , and pops up error D3D11Install and says Please install the latest Service Pack. For instructions on installing the latest Service Pack, see Microsoft Knowledge base article KB935791 (http:// support.microsoft.com/kb/935791/) When you go there it basically tells you to install SP 2 for Vista well im running Windows 7 64bit. I have searched google and these forums, and haven't found a thread or anything that is related to my problem. Now I can say ok to the window that pops up and game loads and I can play. But if I goto change video options and apply them in game, when I goto resume game it just shows blue sky and couple buildings in the distance and I can see hud and minimal stuff , I can hear everything. So I hit escape exit to menu. Hit continue to resume my current game , and game crashes to a steam advertisment as if I just loaded steam. I've checked my Nvidia drivers they are current. I downloaded the HD pack or whatever it is. Thanks for the help ahead of time!!!
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Well was hoping to come home and someone having a solution but ..... Any help is much appreciated. Gonna scour these forums some more and see if I can find a similar problem. If someone finds a post could you link it plz so I can fix my problem. Thanks guys I will say I have tried going into the game folder and manually running the DX .exe and it completes and says it sucessfully installed DX. But still no bueno

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have you had any luck dude? im getting the same message every time & im running win7 64bit, but my issue is my mouse wont work in game to look around but works perfectly fine in the menus, iv had it working then it randomly stops, iv tried messaging square enix just to be ignored multiple times
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Need to post your system specs.
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Same error, searching for answers like mad man..

The error is for windows vista but I have windows 7..

Out of like 300 games this is the first with errors..

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Go in data folder right click dx11installer go to compatability tab and hit the bottom button "change settings for all users" then tick the top thing and pick vista sp2 and click on and then the game shouldnt show that message any more.
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