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How to correctly install Army of the Czech Republic DLC?

Hi All,

After purchasing ACR via Steam, got the message "updating Arma II files to new format" or something to that effect. Only the ACR DLC didn't get setup. Steam reckons I own it, but the game doesn't have it installed.

Short of deleting all of OA and re-installing from Steam, is there a way to TRIGGER the installation of ACR? Is there some sort of setup script that can be run?

The DLCSetup directory does contain the ACR assets, but they haven't been properly setup into a top-level ACR directory (plus wherever missions and scenarios live).

Manually levering the data from the install directory into an ersatz ACR directory at top-level makes ACR visible as an expansion, under expansions, but it doesn't work, i.e. there aren't any missions, or new scenery areas.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!

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Hi mate,

Try this. Exit from Steam and "Run it as administrator" then open "Operation Arrowhead" and the download window for the DLC will pop up. It worked with me.

Once the DLC is installed it will be included on the "Operation Arrowhead" game. A new icon will be displayed on the Arma 2 main menu and it will shown on the expansions menu.

I hope that will help you.
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