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MvM Engie Bots

For no particular reason I wrote-down some concepts of Engineer bots that could be used in MvM.

Engineer Bots

Common Engie Bots
Come in medium-to-large waves. Only difference from normal bots is that Engie-bots have 230 metal. One Engine-bot will always be hauling, the rest have their weapons out. If the hauler dies, another Engie-bot will start hauling. The hauling Engie-bot doesn't follow the bomb, and will go to a pre-defined Sentry nest locations and build a Sentry and a Dispenser. It avoids being seen by humans and will always set up its sentry ahead of the bomb. Once the hauling bot sets up, all Engie bots outside a certain (short) range of the bomb carrier will break-off the carrier and tank the nest. There is only one GREY sentry nest at any given time. Icon is the Engineer's symbol, comes in 3 types:
  1. The least threatening. It is locked to the wrench. These ones aren't much of a threat, but you can't let any stragglers go or you'll have lots problems by the time the bomb gets closer.
  2. Has a shotgun, pistol, and wrench. They will use their pistol at long range and shotgun at closer ranges. They generally appear alongside other waves.
  3. Has a shotgun, wrangler and wrench. These are very dangerous. Once one has built a Sentry and Dispenser, it will jump on top of it and engage humans at any range with the same deadly accuracy of the Sentry Wrangled. Other Engie-bots will swarm the dispenser until the Sentry gets low on ammo, then tank it back up full ammo. Without support, the Wrangler Engie-bot will disengage the Wrangler to repair the Sentry back to full ammo.

Engineer Bots equipped with the Shotgun, Pistol and Wrench. They wear Virtual Reality Headsets. Each one can build a teleporter that serves as an alternate spawn point for bots. They commonly spawn in medium or small groups alongside other waves. Their icon is that of a teleporter and they come in 2 variations:
  1. The most common variation spawns hauling. Upon landing they scatter and find a location far away from and out of sight of the players where it will build a teleporter and teleport back to spawn.
  2. A rare variation will not spawn normally. Instead teleporters will randomly spawn across the map ala Spy-bot.
The Teleporter will provide an alternate spawn point for support bots included in that wave. For the first 4 spawn at 10-second intervals, then the next 8 spawn at 5-second intervals. After that support bots spawn at 3-second intervals. If a player gets too close to the teleporter or it is damaged, the Telebuster will teleport out of it regardless of recharge state and attempt to defend the teleporter.

Engineer bots locked to the Short Circuit. Wears a Hot Rod. Has regenerative metal. If not the bomb carrier, will follow the bomb carrier. Has perfect timing in destroying projectiles. Normally trickle-in among the other bots as support bots. Icon is a missile surrounded by lightning bolts.

Engineer bots equipped with the Jag. They have 60 health and run at 135% speed (Scout speed). They only appear during Tank rounds and appear in MASSIVE waves. They attempt to swarm the tank and repair it with their wrenches. If a player is too close to the tank, some Jaggers will also swarm him and attempt to kill him with their Jags. Its icon is the class icon surrounded by plusses.

Engineer bots equipped with the Widowmaker, Pistol, and Gunslinger. They wear Buckaroos Hats, Texas Half-Pants, and Prairie Heel Biters. They have 600 metal, but do not place mini-sentries. On death, a mini-sentry automatically builds on the spot it died. Mini-sentries deal 50% the normal damage. Icon is a sheriff's star.

A Dispenser on Engie-bot legs that follows large groups or the bomb carrier around. It has 125 health and runs at 150% speed, slowing-down for slower bomb carriers. It cannot carry the bomb itself. Its icon is a dispenser and there are two types and a giant version:
  1. Functions like a level 2 Dispenser with double range.
  2. Replenishes health at 5 health per-second, but grants bots in range a 10% fire rate/swing speed and movement speed bonus.

Amplitron 5000
The giant variation of the Dispense-O-Matic with 2500 health and 50% speed. However, it CAN carry the bomb. It has 400% the range of a normal Dispenser and grants bots around it mini-crits, but otherwise functions as a level 3 Dispenser.

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You missed my favorite engy bot.

The thing is, these bots of yours are just weaker scout bots, with gimmicks. THe bot in my thread fills a role no other bot already fills.
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I say add it, if nothing else to make everybody understand how important Engi is.
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Mini-dispensers if they existed and maybe mini sentries would work with mvm engie bots, the main issue is that there just isn't any room for normal buildings.
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i think (hope) VALVe is holding on to the engineer model for a reverse MVM mission. (where you are on BLU team, attacking the RED bot base.)

So that way engineers can.. well, defend.
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