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It's not as hard as you think! (How players got into competitive)

Leave all comp vs. pub arguments out of this, please. This thread is for people in competitive to share stories of how they started.

I've noticed a fair few players saying they don't play comp because they don't think they will be good enough.

Everyone starts somewhere, and I have one tip for you: Join a new team! Nearly every new team spends a season gelling and practicing, and won't mind losing that much as long as they feel improvement. You can look for new teams desiring players in the forums on ETF2L or UGC to name just two. If you find a new team, spend some time with them, and just play to improve. If you don't get on, it will be easier to find a new team than risk things going sour.

So, to help drive the point home, here's how I started comp TF2.
1st time (early 08):
I joined an unofficial 7v7 league with a team full of people that were regulars on my favourite pub. One day, they invited me to play with them, and I did so for around 6 months, before the league creators disbanded the league. Hell, it even had random crits!

2nd time (early 12):
I was just messing around on a pub, and had played only ~400 hours since coming back to TF2 when it went F2P. I was just practicing rocket jumps on a server, when I started chatting with a guy. Him and some friends decided to start a 6s team, and in our first season, we got rolled in all matches but one. But, we all improved, and were punching at Div 4 level before over half the team went to play comp LoL seriously instead. I thoroughly enjoyed all the time I spent there.

So, how did you start comp tf2?
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Originally Posted by A regualr on this server
We should make a HL team
Originally Posted by About 10 other regulars including me
Originally Posted by Admin of Server
I set up a war server
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I'd like Valve to add a ranked matchmaking system just like in CS:GO.
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Found friendly higher level pub community. Run by Silver level comp players. Got invited to their practices. Eventually invited to join them as Sniper. I'm now a Silver league Sniper.

All this after SPUFF2, actually. Some of those that post here might not remember that, but it was fun as pinkhearts. Need to attempt that again...
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Well, currently I am at Team PWNS, but I'm leaving after the next match. We probably had like 6-7 matches this season, but I've only played one and it was Steel. 0-6 steamrolled. When I met the leader yesterday, I wanted to talk about leaving HL stuff
Me: I'm leaving this HL stuff, it's not for me
Leader: You should wait until the season ends so you get medal
Me: Do I deserve it? We've had like 6 matches and I have been only in one and it was horrible steamroll.
Leader: Everyone in the team deserves it. Even you. We have one match left, but you don't need to participate if you don't want to.
Me: Well, guess I can play HL one more time.

Gotta love that guy, if I ever get my hands on name and desc tag, I will... well, you don't want to know.

Is this story enough?
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Yes, there in usa, but here in latin america is kinda hard D: , i'm talking about people, because 150 ms it's acceptable
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krautwurst no3
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I made a recruitment post in ETF2L, some guy added me, and we played S13.

Wasn't as hard as I expected indeed.
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Made my own team, twice. Forced you to join the second one.
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Played public, Kick donkey. Played a few pugs, be worst player. Make a div5 team, play average, fold. DM 4h/day. Make a div3 team as a different class, play 2 matches, 5-0 all maps, quit team cause personalities clash. DM 4h/day. Join div 2 team, be average, teammate was a hacker, GG. Start excessive sniping, still DM 4h/day. Join div2 team, be third. Too bored to DM. Get to div1, be third. Only thing I've learned is to aim better and not suicide rush too much.
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Played with a (now dead) community 2 years ago, we were a pretty tight knit bunch.
One day, I said "Hey, do any of you want to play 6v6?"
Unfortunately not many people wanted to. So I asked if they wanted to play highlander, and they seemed a lot more interested. Unfortunately for us this was before ANY highlander leagues in Australia. But we made the team anyway, and found another 2-3 teams that had the same idea as us, and just had friendly games against these guys for a few months. Then I had to go overseas for a month or so (I was the captain), and it seemed that the people I left behind to captain couldn't deal with it, so unfortunately the highlander team fell apart, and the community started to die soon afterwards. It was sad, however I had made some friends in the other teams and in pugs I had played/hosted, so we got together and said "Hey, let's play some 6es!"
Started scrimming slowly as some of us were still in their final year of high school, then about 6 months later and a couple of people leaving and joining, we entered OZFL (the year-long league for every team in AUS), and then OWL (the main league, run a couple times a year, with divisons) shortly afterwards. Played in Div 6, then Div 5 with these guys, then a few of us left, and I felt like I wasn't having much fun with them anymore, so I've found a new team looking to be Div 3/2.
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smithsonian: the best bad demoman in oz
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I think the (kinda true) stigma that all HL players are terrible helped ease the transition for me into comp. I mean, if Steel is THAT bad, why shouldnt I be able to play?

As for finding a team, I did it the old fashioned way. I went onto reddit.com/r/tf2lft and the ugc forums. Found a team, made some friends, joined some new teams, have a friends list of former teammates and buddies, as well as some more meaningful relationships.

My advice to players looking for a new team, make sure your team leaders (or if youre starting one, your team members) are easy to get a hold of. If they arent, youre NOT going to get scrims and practices, and your team is going to fall apart. Ive never had a player that was hard to get a hold of, but made it to every scrim/match. You need to get those types of people off your team asap.
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I started off playing in CEVO on my clan's team. Everyone lost interest after that. I was lucky enough to get picked up by a guy putting together a team of new people for ESEA. Played a season of UGC Platinum and we'ee now in our 2nd season of ESEA.
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I played a lot in a pretty good pub, got to know people. I played spy all the time and was one of the server's bests. One of the regulars added me and asked if I wanted to join a highlander team they were founding. Started playing hundreds of highlander lobbies and had a nice first season, 3rd in lowest highlander division.

After the highlander season some people started talking of 6v6, as a side project. Demo was my second most played class, so I was interested. I started as a second demo, but as the first demo became inactive I became the main demo. We were the last team in our first season, division 6. We started training almost daily and the next season we won d6 easily. Nobody was interested in highlander anymore, so we decided to quit it.

Now after 9 months we are mid-d5 team but we are having some problems, players leaving. Not sure if we can contiune, but it was really fun while it lasted!

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Originally Posted by cosa8888 View Post
Yes, there in usa, but here in latin america is kinda hard D: , i'm talking about people, because 150 ms it's acceptable
I know that feel
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