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Dead Island Riptide Crash

I got the game on steam and i can't play it, i'm gonna be completly specific about this cause i've spend 40 dollars on a game that runs perfectly on my computer but for some reason (steam related) i can't make it run.

(it's on spanish but the main problem can be seen)
Firma con problemas:
Nombre del evento de problema: BEX
Nombre de la aplicación: DeadIslandGame_x86_rwdi.exe
Versión de la aplicación:
Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 5179ad83
Nombre del módulo con errores: MSVCR100.dll
Versión del módulo con errores: 10.0.40219.325
Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores: 4df2be1e
Desplazamiento de excepción: 0008af3e
Código de excepción: c0000417
Datos de excepción: 00000000
Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7600.
Id. de configuración regional: 18441
Información adicional 1: 7184
Información adicional 2: 718429e5f71c52487aa8faea02609fa6
Información adicional 3: 256d
Información adicional 4: 256db8b393a45cbd3d8340b0f27ab764

Lea nuestra declaración de privacidad en línea:

Si la declaración de privacidad en línea no está disponible, lea la declaración de privacidad sin conexión:

I can reach the main menu, the character selecction and the first 2 intro movies (purna talking about banoi and the helicopter landing in the ship where they are held captured) after that the game crashes (the error it's shown above)
So, what i did? Everything.
*With a proper crack the game works perfectly, the problem is, i have no Achievements or access to a multiplayer feature, so that's out of the question.
*Tried running the exe as Administrator, didin't work.
*Tried reinstalling directx (latest version) windows redistributable c++ (latest version both x86 and x64) and windows media codecs.
*Tried different drivers for my video board gForce nVidia 9400 GT, uninstalling and reinstalling the latest drivers, didin't work.
*Tried validating cache about 15 times, didin't work
Off all this you should know it's not my computer cause the crack makes the game runs like it should (not as smooth as i like but it runs and can be played) and the problem is, most likely a steam failure, so if anyone have an insight for this, should be GREAT cause i can't play it properly and i have no idea if an steam support it's gonna ever read this or be aware of this problem.

thank you for your time.
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This is a good read...
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