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Efficient ways of fetching IEconItems getSchema in PHP

I've been playing around with PHP and the steam web api for a bit now, and whilst for the most part things are going smoothly, file_get_contents takes quite a while to fetch the schema, taking anywhere from 30 - 60 seconds to load. It definitely doesn't seem to be the steam servers since if I just type in the api url into my browser the json loads almost instantly, and as far as I'm concerned my PHP .ini seems to be set up fine. This is what I'm currently using to load it, and it takes ages for it to print 'loaded'.

PHP Code:



$schema json_decode($file);

I was wondering what other methods I should use to fetch the schema more efficiently, preferably other than caching

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I just timed it and it took 26 seconds in my web browser to load fully. Are you sure the problem is on your end?
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