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Can I run Call of Duty:Ghosts?

Ok so I just won a copy of Call of Duty Ghosts for steam.
I want to know if I can run it.
I only have a laptop with these specs.

HP Pavilion g6 Notebook
Intel(R) HD 4000

Note: I can run BF3 online/offline for 1 hour max before it starts overheating. I'm not a serious gamer so 1 hour of fun is fine or is it going to fry my laptop?

I'm a noob and I have never owned any CoD games, am i mistaken that CoD is less graphic heavy than BF games?
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Where did you win it from?
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It depends on whether the ridiculously high announced requirements are true or not.
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Well, there are no official system requirements yet, so we can't tell you.
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The Call of Duty series have loads of visual elements and actions.

Since these type of games have multiple actions on the same event, it requires a strong computer that is capable to hold all of these.

Since we do not have enough information about your computer, here is what I suggest (you are free to disagree):

Processor: Intel Core 75-3570k
Source: http://ark.intel.com/products/65520

Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 660
Source: http://www.geforce.co.uk/hardware/de...eforce-gtx-660

RAM: I would recommend between 8 to 12 GB ram, there is no point going higher unless you're a computer freak that runs thousand of programs.
I personally use 16 GB ram, but I never went over 12 GB.

Get 2 TB HDD and 120 GB SSD.

In my opinion, this is a good start.
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That Intel HD 4000 may cause some issues, unless your laptop is one that has both an Intel chip and a dedicated graphics card. Assuming you don't though, I'd say you SHOULD be able to run Ghosts, but you're likely gonna wanna put it on low.

And get some extra cooling for your laptop. Overheating is never good.
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