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Cant log in.

To my steam community page unless it auto logs in when i run steam. I tried my user id my steam username etc and none of them work i'm confused at to what you need to put.
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It should be the name and password you use to login to steam.
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yup tried it no dice...
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Same here. I can't login at steamcommunity.com. When I type my Steam username and password, nothing happens. I've tried it from within the Steam client as well as from a seperate web browser (FireFox). I noticed, when using Firefox, that the address bar changes to the following after I attempt to login:


I tried typing some random garbage into the username and password boxes and it says "Incorrect login", but when I type in my correct credentials, nothing happens (except the address change mentioned above).
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I got the same problem. I can login when I visit steamcommunity.com in my browser (Firefox), but I can't login using Steam.

I tried it in IE and get the same problem, since Steam uses an embedded IE this might be an IE problem or I need to change my security settings. I'll try adding the website into the Trusted zone and see if that works...

edit: It worked! I lowered security to Medium (the lowest it goes) for the Trusted zone and added steamcommunity.com, and I can login now

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