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There is nothing what can be done to stop people making lesser quality maps, and why should someone.

I would rather point a finger to the download sites for putting everything availeble :-P

Also there is just a lack of comminity interest in reviewing good maps so there isn't really a standard set like "wow I hope I can get my map on this site"

There used to be some map review sites in the days of quake and TFC but it takes alot of effort to run these things.
Finding enough playtesters to properly test/judge a map as well as the time investment that this would take.

Well maybe when valve adds community downloads to steam they will set some standard and don't put just everything on it. (doubtfull tough)

Now another problem, good maps are often alot larger in filesize then these simple maps, especially when adding embedded custom stuff, so servers are also less likely to put those kind of maps on their servers.
Hopefully the steam community download fixes this so custom maps download from steam and not from the server hosting the game
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Agreed. 100 %. People should take more time to think their maps through and playtest them before release.
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Is there a quick resource/links for:

1. Groups/clans that play test custom maps and a summarization of their guidelines, when they meet, how to participate, etc.

2. Sites that review custom maps. Is there anything besides FPSBANANA? It's a great resource, but difficult - at least for me - to navigate. Didn't planetfortress used to provide custom map reviews with a 10 point scoring system?


3. n00b-friendly groups that discuss map *design*. Most tutorial sites I've been to are invaluable, but tend to focus on very specific mechanics. I'm looking for resources similar to Snipergen's excellent thread on "Mapping for TF2". Below are links from Snipergen's article:


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Originally Posted by Haas82 View Post
the biggest problem is bad map on servers with bad timers...
Because lot of bad maps end up in stalemate but with crappy timers the map stays up way to long.....
Ban bad timers maps!!
But for the rest i don't care how bad the maps looks!
What is the point entity to fix this...my clan has been play testing a map I have been working on alot lately but the server will not change the map after 30 min. How is this fixed?

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