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DODS Server Setup Considerations

DODS Server Setup and Considerations

How to set up your dedicated server :
Steam Support offers instructions on setting up a dedicated DODS server
On your home PC http://support.steampowered.com/kb_a...7017-UJBN-6785
Dedicated Stand Alone Server http://support.steampowered.com/kb_a...6758-TCMF-2234
These "how tos " have been updated and are pretty good.

A friendlier version for the new server operator, with one one of the most detailed explanations I've seen can be found in the Source DS (Windows) Forums
Day of Defeat: Source dedicated server starter guide (installation, server.cfg, motd)

DoD:S server.cfg variables


In Game Custom Downloads

How to get players to join your server

Sv_pure Cvars and Whitelist

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DoD:s Server config maker

I have a PHP driven form maker that you fill out with the help of a guide to the commands beside each entry.
It will make a server config, (server.cfg) ready to download at the end via a click of a button.

Page is here.

1. Work from the top and read info' from the right.

2. Some choices you enter text... like the server name, but most have a drop-down box with the min' max' of that command and what High and Low is and what is "recommended" and the default is, (def).

3. At the end is a submit button, it does not store your choice, (passwords and server names) just makes a download for you only.

Last time the commands where checked was Sept 2012. If you see errors please contact me here.


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