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I got a second reply from Eric while I was sleeping, I'll just copy & paste my post from the F2C forum:

I just checked my e-mail account and had a second reply from Eric, it reads:

Subject : RE: TFC Bug List

I don't have a time frame for when we'll have some of these things fixed and ready to release, but we'll definitely look into them. The list you sent has already sparked some conversations here.

I'll let Matt know. =)



I just sent him another e-mail adding 4 more bugs , the blurry cross hairs one and 3 mentioned on the steam powered forums.

Name: Forced team change bug
Explaination: Pressing N (alias changeteam) to goto the change team screen, then pressing cancel, will force you to change team when you next press jump. Very infuriating if you pressed N by accident.

By rebo

Name: Well map bug.

This is an architecture related bug:
In the Blue base Flagroom, on top of the short
pipe that leads to the exterior water access (the long pipe),
a player can walk right through the wall into solid geometry.

Fixes: Fix the brushes at this location.
In fact, fix the entire network of pipes in this map.
I've personally been grenade blasted clear out of the map
from inside of these pipes on a few occasions...

Name: Badlands map bugs.

There are numerous bugs in the Badlands map:
1. The 2 ammo packs in the Blue flagroom give 100 cells,
while the ones in the Red flagroom give 75 cells.
Engineers will understand the relevance if this discrepancy...
2. The func_rotating (fan) entities do not work.
3. Architecture bug above the Red base side door, at the corner
where the Base wall meets the rock wall. You can walk partially
into the solid geometry here and "drown".
4. Missing info_tfgoal entity with a "goal_no" of 100.

1. Equalize the "ammo_cells" KeyValue for the info_tfgoal
entities in both Flagrooms.
2. The "spawnflags" KeyValue of the func_rotating entities
need to include the "SF_BRUSH_ROTATE_INSTANT" bit for
them to automatically start up after the map loads
func_button entities can be used to trigger them on and off.
3. Fix the brushes at this location.
4. Replace missing entity.

By SpannerSpammer
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