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i dont care why or why not we cant be updated on xbox 36o and ps3
all i know is we pay for the orange box(and for team fortress at the same time)and we get no update at all...
people on computer pay nothing and get everything...
ive got nothing againt people playing on computer but it frustrating
please understand me,my computer is not good enough and when i see people on computer get nice and cooll update i get a bit angry...=)
we could get a little update...maybe not all the weapon and everything
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I agree with all of you. Especially everyone who was saying that the 4 updates SUCKED. I did a bit of research, and the update for airblast was June 19, 2008. THE LAST D*** XBOX UPDATE WAS A WHOLE D*** YEAR LATER, ON JULY 21, 2009! And it just added a whole level of griefing where you hop from server to dying server trying to find a match without racism against Spies or Demos. VALVe, just give us a sign. In te next public conference, just say, "You know what, all you TF2 consolers out there? You know how we promised an update? Well, F** you, you're not getting it." Takes 1 minute out of a conference. I can TOTALLY see why they haven't said anything. Gaben.
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