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TF2 360 Competitive Scene

Hey guys. Just wanted to quickly promote the TF2 Xbox 360 competitive scene.

Yeah, it exists. We have around 6 teams and about 75 active players in it. We play 6v6 with normal CEVO/ESEA rules, and primarily Granary and Gravel Pit (occasionally Well, and sometimes Dustbowl). We are strictly against using glitches or exploits in our games.

Many of the players in this group have been playing the Orange Box for years and years, and are thus very experienced.

Anyways, check us out at http://w11.zetaboards.com/tf2xbox360community/index/. We always want more good players, and we're a super friendly group.

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Ah, that takes me back. I used to be in a clan for Xbox 360 TF2, already forever ago. DEM, you might have heard of it? We weren't very good (actually we usually got rolled, lol), but we were one of the clans that was around longest, I think more than two years. A lot of good times I had back then, the matches, the people, the drama, haha.
Well, I've long since moved on to PC TF2, but I would wholeheartedly recommend anybody still playing Xbox TF2 to check out that website and the comp side of things, it really is a much more interesting way to play!
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