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Just beat it. I had so much fun.

I really miss these cheesy 80s action movie stories. We need more games like this on PC. Sad to see so few people on this board. Even sadder to see no recommendations on the steam store page. I made sure to recommend it after I beat it.
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I'd recommend it more if it wasn't for all of those quick time events. But the fighting is nice, you can actually run pretty fast and any time you want.

The game also wants to be Devil May Cry.
Voice actors are fine and the story is ok.

You can level up your weapons 4 times I think and you got 3 types of one. Along with a throwing weapon which can get several different elements.

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Bought this game via GreenMan Gaming while it was on sale and have to say it's easily worth $10-15. It was so fun to play and so over the top, it was just pure entertainment. I really could not put it down. FromSoftware are definitely on my game developer radar now after this and Dark Souls.

I hate QTE's but the game has a warning system that tells you "okay, qte coming up" so you are rarely caught off guard by them. The animation is just great to watch as well. It's a good button masher, get a controller if you want to play it!
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