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btw, now i no more say "*WALLVE*
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Releasing Alien swarm for free was genious, OP pretty much covered everything perfectly, that's why it stickied.

Alien Swarm is a WIP game, Valve wants to see the reaction to this game. What are people saying about that game, they can at least not say: "That was a waste of my money" Everyone can play it for free, Valve knows that people love free stuff and sacrificing a little bit of fight money can bring you much more people to Steam. Alien Swarm has absolutely no downside for the gamers, but on the same side offers a very important to Valve, more Steam users. It was created with all the things in mind we love Valve for, great multiplayer, modability, much room for community involvement. Basically the things which made Valve one of the most respected gamestudios. Next to Team Fortress 2, Alien Swarm became the second important horse which carries Steam and Valve.

And of course they show these other money grabing companies, that you can achieve much more, if you give the playerbase some free stuff in between, instead of always milking every possible cent out of a franchise with these pay DLCs, which can work as we have seen with MW2, but Activision-Blizzard also harvested alot of negative talk for it. Valve makes money too, but in a much more clever way than other companies and they always deliver quality, may it take a few patches to get everything straight, but it's still always quality at the core.
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Its also a free game theres a tonne of mods that steam sells that you can get for free via various websites that are out there specifically FOR HalfLife mods
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Alien Swarm
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I think we're done explaining why its free.
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