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Thumbs up First Impressions and question.

Just bought the game while looking for the sales list, sad I did not hear of it before though, would have picked it up for 4.99 in a heartbeat! So far I am having a blast, made sure to make all the tree's better on the first stage, had fun with that xD. But my question is, are the devs still adding stuff to this, and where can I go to follow their future projects? Thanks for the awesome game :]
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Mike may or may not be working on stuff for it currently, from time to time I prod him and get answers I can't share :P

You can follow his other work & ramblings on his site:

Have you played with the config file yet? You can enable some nice graphical goodies there
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Hey Omega729,

I've been working on a friend's project and some other things for a while but I've recently gotten back to Caster again.

I'm not sure when the next update will be, but it's still something I often think about even while I'm busy on other projects.

Thanks for your support!
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