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How about you stop being such a rude person and try to learn yourself what joke does mean?
Unlike sarcasm, it work via internets. Not for you thought :P
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Nice FAQ, Alien Swarm is a great topside version of L4D, think to purchase that one too
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Alien Swarm uninstall

Any game where unskilled people like me can't adjust difficulty levels to the point where the game can be played is not even worth the bit space on a hard drive. Even with the cost of space being so inexpensive. I tried the "cheats" instructions found at different sites to no avail. I don't understand how this would not even work. I have made cheats work in other games. The problem with the weak programing is this adjustment should not have to be sought out and injected into the game. It should be in the options menu. So all you "expert gamers" can poke fun now. But the fact remains. Where does the expertise lie? Where a blind man can learn to walk a tight rope or the blind man can be made to see.
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I really like this game and its FREE. Thanks for making a great faq thread
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Oh hey, I almost forgot I made this faq a couple of years ago, haha. Was just checking in to see if there was anything new in the Alien Swarm community after not playing for so long and saw my name on a stickied thread and was confused for a moment.

At any rate, no problem and you're welcome. Glad some people found it useful.

Made some minor updates to the OP faq based off some newer information I saw in the forums here.

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