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Talking tipps and tricks

If anyone's interested, here are some tipps for playing this game:

- to open the shed: the knob is in the sandbox, the key under the doormat

- to fix the leaking hose: buy a tape and put in next to the hose, turn on the shower, then you can fix the hose

- to water the plants: in the shed there are watering cans (must "be seen"), the leaking hose has to be fixed first

- to stop fire: the fire extinguisher is in the shed (must "be seen")

- to fix the shower / the toilet: look on the right side of the laundry room (bucket)

- to fix the sink: take the tool from the backside of the workroom

- to repair the floor: buy a floor kit and put it next to the hole; you have to put someone on it several times (the kit disappears after finishing the fixing)

- to repair the wall: (I think you have to fix the leaking hose before you are able to repair the wall) buy paint and put it next to the bucket / sandbox, take someone there (he / she will add water and go to the workroom wall); !! you have to finish the fixing before the paint has dried!! (let two people do the repair at the same time), you have to put them back to the paint every time they stop, until it's done

- you can interrupt them after they took the garbage out of the can, after putting them into the shower or after they picked up the collectables (task is still solved), but that doesn't work with other things they do

- sometimes your neighbor gifts you the hammock (houseupgrade)

- some packages (for your neighbor / wrong adress etc.) include houseupgrades (sheets or paintings), so open them / pay the $ 100 (it's still cheaper than to buy them from the store)

- DON'T let your neighbor build the birdhouse (it's cheaper in the store)

- DON'T open the "tiny white box" (ants will destroy some of your food)

- the green / brown bags include food / medicine, so open them (you can sell the medicine)

- you earn interest for the money you own, so try not to spend all you have

- the "you underpaid your taxes"-mail takes 10% (!) from your money, so before you read a mail buy as many things as possible (e.g. clothes or the "baby boost") and return them to the store later (food / houseupgrades CANNOT be returned!)

Hope this will help, have fun!

If anyone knows how to fix the broken birdbath (after putting the fountain next to it), please let me know!

Edit: to fix the broken birdbath: you need TWO people! (one says it's "too heavy to lift")

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Thanks for this! Trying to open the shed was driving me crazy.
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