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Excellent Game

Just picked it up for less than the cost of a months subscription on steam, it's an excellent MMO, arguably the only true MMO thats been released for quite a while now.
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I bet you are not still playing it though.
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Originally Posted by Saorlan View Post
I bet you are not still playing it though.
my thoughts exactly.
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i am :P
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Been playing it for several years and there are still places i havent seen and things i havent done.
The game is awesome, has big flaws, but it is awesome.
Many people hate it because its too hardcore compared to the modern F2P games out there.
Others hate it because the developers made it a bit less hardcore in order to appeal to a larger audience.

Example 1: The city of New Targonor, a huge city with many sectors that becomes a real maze given there is no ingame map for it.
I have personally witnessed several "ragequits" in that place.
You have the choice to "ragequit", or ask for help, or spend a couple hours and make yourself a map like i did (find new and interesting quests in the process), or go online and find a map of the place....the choice is yours.

Example 2: The developers added instant teleports between certain zones so players dont have to wait a long time for a boat to take them there. Also the death penalty has been lowered....lots of bile and ragequits over that one because the game was not hardcore enough anymore.

Cant please everyone.

After all is said and done, Vanguard has the best crafting system and the best fight mechanics of any mmo to date.
Its still way too hardcore for many players spoiled by the new f2p games where you get auto-routing to every quest target.

Dont listen to the haters (or fans like me for that matter), try it for free and decide if its good or bad for yourself.
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The crafting is AWESOME. I love smithing! The depth of the crafing system is something I have never seen before, its great. I also think the diplomacy is really cool, you can become a diplomat and use your skills to interact with the NPCs in special ways. I havent learned a whole lot in diplomacy yet, but its tough and interesting. The whole game has become a bit addictive to me. Many years ago I was addicted to the original EQ when it first came out and I know what Kaboro is talking about when he mentions waiting for boats to come! I can rememeber seeing a boat and running for it but just missing it as it left the dock and then I had to wait 30 min or whatever the time was for the next one, painful but I respected the realism. Vanguard does seem to still have some of that hardcoreness to it.
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