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F2P to Paid Achievement Bug

So I started playing dwarfs!? on the free to play version to check it out, I managed to get the "Not a War Hammer" achievement on the F2P version needed for Killing Floor axe. I continued playing it and really enjoyed it a lot. I decided it was worth the money and purchased the game. I uninstalled the F2P version from my games library and Installed the paid version. I started getting a bunch of achievements almost right away, a few so quickly I didn't see what they were, so I went to check my achievements on steam. Well when I did I noticed that the "Not a War Hammer" achievement was greyed out like I had not gotten it. So I played a 60 min game of dwarfs and got a lot more achievements including the one for have a ton of gold on hand and noticed I still did not receive the war hammer achievement. Seems I'm not able to get it now because I had previously gotten it on the free to play version. I'm not really concerned about it, since I still have the axe on Kf but I do like getting credit when it's due. I also like collecting achievements and one I can't get is bothersome. Any suggestions?
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