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Stop Touching Me Achievement Issue

I'm confused about what the Stop Touching Me achievement requires of the player based on its description. It simply says "Bombing Run shield triggered 10 times in a single game." I often trigger the shield 50+ times in a game, and I've tried both triggering it manually and by running into enemies, but I haven't gotten the achievement. Can someone who's already obtained the achievement explain to me exactly what it's looking for?
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I have a problem. How to trigger shield?
If I run into enemy I die. If I press space nothing happens.

How does it work?
Already searched web and did not find any understandable manual.

After posting I noticed that ball becomes green. Huh... Needs combo more than 10 to get shield. Activated by space. Stupid me.

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Just Checking, You Are In The Bombing Run Gametype When Atempting This Achievement Correct?
Aside From That I Would Manually Trigger Sheild 10 Times (Count Them)
Complete The Level
Usially I Get My Acheivements After The Game Not right As It Happens, Tho This Is Not Allways The Case.
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