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Full Screen = bad FPS, Windowed mode = 30FPS solid

intel i7 3.5Ghz
12GB ram
Nvidia 660 ti 3GB mem
Nvidia driver 332.21 (jan7 2014)
windows 8.1 pro x64

In fullscreen, during game levels, max FPS is 25 and it drops to 16 or so when there are many tanks. Tried all in game graphic settings and they don't make a difference.

In windowed mode, (same resolution) I get 30 FPS solid with every graphic option turned all the way up.

Is there a fix for getting good FPS in fullscreen mode?

Side note: Developer, your tank universal forum registration doesn't work because the "confirmation code" generator doesn't work. http://www.tankuniversal.com/forum/u...?mode=register

P.S. I really love this game and I'm glad I bought it. Keep it up and can't wait to buy TU2.
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