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Warp Crashes When I try to start a game

The game launches and I can mess with settings but when I click to start a new game the whole thing crashes. Anyone else seen this or have any ideas?
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Yup, I've got the exact same problem, and I can't find a solution online at all (plus, searching for 'Warp' is difficult considering it's a pretty broad word). Just out of curiosity, are you running a SLi card setup, because I am and I'm wondering if that might be part of the problem.
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I was on Live Chat with EA and of course they were useless. After enough fiddling around I figured out you have to disable Steam/Origin Overlay for Warp.

To do this in Steam you can Right Click on Warp, click on Properties, and then uncheck Enable Steam Community In Game. It should load now.

To do this in Origin you can click on the gear icon on the top right (titled "Customize and Control Origin"), click on settings, click on the In-Game tab, and underneath the checked Enable Origin In Game click on the bullet that says Supported Games Only. Alternatively you can uncheck Enable Origin In Game.

Hope this helps everyone. Steam name is xplayman25.
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Talking THE FIX

You have to log into the origin website and set your nickname, then use your nickname instead of your email when logging in. The game should not crash now, and you will be logged in.
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