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Parallax mapping shader in Alien Swarm code from SDK - how to use it?

I found uncompiled "parallaxtest" shader in Alien Swarm SDK code directory (SteamApps\common\Alien Swarm\sdk_src\materialsystem\stdshaders) and compiled in Alien Swarm, CS:GO and SFM directories ("shaders" folders) and I hope that will be work. I uploaded a three shaders code at Pastebin, who have a mention about parallax mapping, because it's lot of code and I can't making spoiler.

lightmappedgeneric_dx9.cpp - http://pastebin.com/Gj4NNCs2
lightmappedgeneric_dx9_helper.cpp - http://pastebin.com/Jha24xmg
parallaxtest.cpp - http://pastebin.com/5RS2mp0S

On this video someone used that shaders (I think) and it's work.

My .vmt with parameters from these shaders isn't working.


"$basetexture" "parallax/test"
"$bumpmap" "parallax/test_n"
"$envmap" "env_cubemap"
"$parallaxmap" "1"
"$height_scale" "0.1"
"$bumpframe" "0"

Have you any idea, how do this?

From parallaxtest.cpp:
SHADER_PARAM( BUMPMAP, SHADER_PARAM_TYPE_TEXTURE, "models/shadertest/shader1_normal", "bump map" )
SHADER_PARAM( BUMPFRAME, SHADER_PARAM_TYPE_INTEGER, "0", "frame number for $bumpmap" )
From lightmappedgeneric_dx9.cpp:
SHADER_PARAM( PARALLAXMAP, SHADER_PARAM_TYPE_INTEGER, "0", "1=treat alpha of bumpmap as height" )
SHADER_PARAM( HEIGHT_SCALE, SHADER_PARAM_TYPE_FLOAT, "0.1", "height map scale for parallax mapping" )

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