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Originally Posted by Lambtastic627 View Post
If I had any idea how to do that, I'd be happy to, and y'all can try to replicate my success.
Well, I think that's no longer needed in this case.
But just for future reference: the saves are located in the 'My Documents' folder, under Winter Voices/Name of your character/
Originally Posted by Lambtastic627 View Post
Some of this may have been prevented if the game had hotkeys. I feel like that'd be helpful.
Actually, there're some hotkeys, they just aren't documented anywhere that I know of. For example, ctrl hides and shows the interface (the same as a mouse click on the thing in the bottom right corner), spacebar bings up the menu and numeric keys activate the skills. Sadly, no hotkey to end the turn. Or, at least, I haven't found one.
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Originally Posted by fionakilmonna View Post
I encounter a bug where every odd battle in episode 5 where I cast Imaginary Friend when I about to finish talking to it with a chosen bonus; the battle freeze. It's been happening on battle 1,3,5 and 7 in Episode 5. There been the rare odd numbered battle that talking my imaginary friend doesn't freeze. It woulds work fine for the even numbered battles like 2, 4 and 6 in Episode 5.
The main bug that I have encountered repeatedly (have done verify cache and reinstall) is that Imaginary Friend has never successfully given me 6 PP. If I ever select the second dialogue option, then the dialogue remains and lets you keep clicking on other options (each time it's clicked it become grey) but the dialog box does not close. This happens for ANY battle in which I have tried to get that buff.

I also have had the bug that was noted during the blizzard battle, where I switch on Betrayed that once the timer was up, I would go invisible and could not advance to the next turn.
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Norn Quest Bugged

A lot of the times the Norn quest is bugged for me. When I walk on the tiles for the Norns in Chapters before Chapter 5 nothing happens. Or in Chapter 5, the tile triggered a dialogue that was completely frozen/blank that I could not exit and I have to reload a save file in order for the problem to go away.

Another problem would be in Winter Voices II where if you walk on a Winter Voices tile, it does not grant you another teleport refresh. This makes it impossible to win the map in under 18 turns for the achievement.

I'm having issues with the if I Were A Carpenter achievement. A lot of times if you simply get the 140% you will get the achievement, but I abused my summons to the point where I survive well beyond the 40th turn (getting something like 335% success). At that point the map becomes overwhelmed with enemies that the game freezes and needs to be forces to shut down. I can't end it earlier because I have Void Wanderer (with a 30k shield), like 7k intuition from Sad Truth, and five extra turns from We Come From the Shadows. I think this issue should be addressed.

Some mild problems:

Sometimes skills that you click right before a dialogue go on cooldown before you can use them. This is especially problematic with one time skills or long cooldown skills such as Imaginary Friend or Blaze.

The Imaginary Friend dialogue gives descriptions of the buff in certain dialogue choices in French (Volonte, etc.). This isn't much of a problem in gameplay, but it is an eye sore.

In encounters with large amounts of enemies like Desert III sometimes the enemies don't spawn making it impossible to complete certain objectives.

Specifically in before Desert III and after Desert II if one saves then reloads a save file there, you get set back 2 or 3 levels, meaning if you're level 31, the game will hiccup and put you back to 29 for some reason. This is extremely detrimental in Desert III as the challenge is almost impossible without enough PP you get from those extra levels. Unless you saved before the Desert II encounter, this makes it very difficult to get 100% on Desert III.

The Romance Skills for all my companions come out as weird ed up texts with blank placeholer skills as buffs near my character profile during an encounter. I'm not sure if its possible to reach full romance before Chapter 6, but I've tested it on every single Chapter before Chapter 6 and that happens.

My game version is: Gold 30-aout-2013 r6468. It's not the normal Gold 30-Oct-2013. This doesn't seem to be messing up my game at all, although I'm convinced that this is a bug.

@ cthulu

Also The Well, the Inferno can be triggered 3 or 4 times I think. This gives you ample time to set of positioning to kill off most if not all enemies. I'm not sure how it is for non summoners, but for me I just abused 3 Absences and made the painful enemies unable to take any actions.

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Another Question to Otter specifically.

Will you and the staff at Inner Seas work on Winter Voices until its bug free? Or is there a certain threshold you guys will just drop off and not care anymore?
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Originally Posted by MintHitomi View Post
Or in Chapter 5, the tile triggered a dialogue that was completely frozen/blank that I could not exit and I have to reload a save file in order for the problem to go away.
I have this same bug. Seems Norns DLC is unfinishable in its current state.
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Originally Posted by Cymmina View Post
I'll try doing it again when I get home from work tonight (I have to anyway since only 1 of the 3 achievements I was eligible for unlocked). At one point the debuff tooltip said I was sitting at around -400% mitigation, but I never thought to check my character information. If you notice, I have "Such a Cold and Lonesome Heroine". More enemies = more flat damage reduction. It might be calculating Lonesome Heroine's DR first, then my mitigation comes into play? This is on a MMV, too, so I have -73% mitigation normally all the time (I also have Certainties).

Now that I think about it, I've had -73% mitigation since the Prologue, despite cranking up my Memory every level. Are you certain you aren't clamping it at a specific value?
Same issue here on the last (?) battle in EP5 (with the latest version). "Such a cold and lonesome heroine" is skyrocketing and seems to overcompensate the debuff at some point. You're basicly stuck there until the game crashes.

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