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Sorry for refloating this, but thanks OP for editing your post with the solution. You make the internet a better place.
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Originally Posted by Matrixfart View Post
Having just repurchaced Vic2 for steam in order to play the expansion I was met with an instant crash when starting the game. During initializing maplogic a box comes up with the message:

"exception in virtualfilesystem.cpp. Line: 624 (etc something to do with file not found)"

I have tried reinstalling and integrity checks and nothing works.

Any ideas?

Edit: Nevermind, have found a solution after looking in the paradox forums.

Go to the game folder, and to the maps folder and empty the cache folder you find there.
Then go to the documents\paradox interactive\victoria 2 and delete any cache

Then start up the game 'manually' (not through steam) by double clicking on the v2game.exe file in the game dir. After the cache has been built up properly it now works fine in steam for me.
Thank you very much, 20 minutes before i was so jarateed off now i'm happy
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It seems the issue is still present here on windows 7 entering the last quarter of 2014. Does this affect the steam installation for everyone? Even though its an easy to fix, I have a good deal of respect for both valve and paradox so its sad to see it ignored.
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