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Question Teletraan Store Question

Hey guys. Just wondering if this is a control bug or if its just me missing something. I can't seem to fully operate the Teletraan store with a control pad (360 controller). I can navigate through the pages, but can't actually go into them. In other words, I can't equip, upgrade or purchase anything without having to click on the respective buttons using a mouse.

Is it possible to fully use the store with a control pad, or is this some stupid oversight by the developers? Obviously you can control the store with a pad, because the consoles don't have mouse controls. Does anyone know the controls for equiping/upgrading/purchasing in the store? Thanks in advance!
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Adm. Zaxxon
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Nope, its not a bug, it is just a result of the port to PC. The menus are all very hard to use because you have to click different places rather than use the controller or keys. It is not like this on the ps3 however.
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Even more egregious, you can't leave the store without using the mouse.
This confused the heck out of me as well.
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