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Nice game, but mouse handling needs a bit of work.

I do find the game very fun, but most of the time the game is more frustrating than relaxing.

Mostly what I am talking about is that instead of interpreting mouse movement even if it hits the edge of the screen, the game won't allow for movement outside of the box. It is REALLY annoying when I'm doing a complicated move and suddenly my mouse hit the edge of the screen. I literally have to pick up my mouse over and over because I hit the edge of the screen while doing movements. Controls like that work fine with touchscreens, but not with mice, and CERTAINLY not with touchpads. Trying to play this game with a touchpad on the harder levels is just basically suicide, not zen.
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Absolutely agree! The mouse control is so horrible that I cannot even stand to play it. I wish they would add Xbox 360 controller support. With the analog shoulder triggers and the two analog control sticks you could have some proper control over the movement.
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Old 04-09-2012, 10:14 AM   #3
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I actually find the mouse handling to not be that bad. I got used to it after 10 minutes, and didn't have any trouble after that.
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I kinda dig the mouse controls. I'll agree it takes a little getting used to, but I like it. Its non-visceral, slightly abstracted style of controlling the totem I think fits with its sorta spiritual ambiance.

Edge of the screen thing doesn't bother me either. Unclicking and repositioning the cursor hasn't caused me any trouble so far (though I'm probably not as far as you are)
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