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Mouse buttons work but can't look around

So I reinstalled Windows recently, backing up and then restoring the SteamApps folder, and now when I try to play Zeno Clash I can't look around with the camera at all. The mouse buttons still work and when I go into the menu I still have cursor control (so the tracking information is making it to the game somehow). For what it's worth, neither the mouse nor the trackpad work, there's simply no camera control.

I've tried:
-default settings
-verify integrity of game cache
-remove local content and reinstall the game
-deleted config.cfg from both the game folder as well as the remote backup in userdata folder

Especially after the last two steps I was sure it must have been fixed, but I'm still without control. Any way to force things back to default?
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Exclamation Help!

I know this is a super old post but I am having the same issue. I have scoured the forums as well as google and I can't figure out how to fix this. I have deleted the game, downloaded on a different computer and still the same issue, I can punch and move around but I can't look around, mouse does nothing in-game, works fine in menus. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I played a demo of this game a while back and I absolutely loved it.
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Try typing +mlook in the console.
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