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Doing things the hard way

...can't get past this part I'm afraid. It's too hard for me.
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I just installed this game about 1 hour ago and after saving the first dude in the game, i just randomly flew around the map and came to this puzzle after around 3-4 minutes. I was pretty sure this game trolled me by luring me over to this godforsaken puzzle and i was basically about to uninstall the dam thing since it had nothing to do with skill and basically about how good you are at a memory game on steroids.

I only wanted to test the damn game for a little bit but ended up 1 hour after midnight using 400+ attempts on this piece of crap and finally managed to do it. The hardest part is not about avoiding the damn spikes but how annoying the screen transitions are and on this puzzle you have to do it for a total of 10-12 times i think with no pause whatsoever. I hate developers that just go into troll mode and add a annoying puzzle like this.

The only thing that made me going was that i realised that this had to be the absolute hardest puzzle in the game due to its title and some of the screens called Veni Vidi Vici. Atleast i hope so i cant stop now after using almost 30-40 minutes on that crap.. Got 2 trinkets i hope the rest is easier screw this game i want my 1 euro back if i knew this game was torture at this level i would have steered clear from it. Atleast the music is damn good! and beating the puzzle was quite satisfying, 30 minutes more with that puzzle and i would probably have gotten a headache. Btw screw that seizure elephant on one of the screen i hope there wont be any puzzle there at some point while the flashing screen is on.

Edit: Finally beat the game, surprisingly i took out this puzzle in about 35 deaths the day after, i was almost losing my minds as i stopped the day before after doing this puzzle and apparently only saved a checkpoint which the game didnt remember when booting it up. Thankfully i beat it otherwise i might have uninstalled the crap.


Overall cute characters/story and soundtrack is amazing but the game is mostly utter trash. When a games difficulty curve relies on the refresh rate of screen changes and how quick the eye adapts to these changes and memorization of the puzzles along with the main characters controls being rather too slidey and high accelerated when starting his movement causing tons of deaths in combination then that game has failed. The games difficulty should rely on timing and not the erratic switching of screens which pretty much punishes the player with about that ˝ second which makes the difference between well coordinated timing and being just a pure cheap trial and error mess.

VVVVVV: The Game 4.0/10
VVVVVV: The Soundtrack 8.0/10

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Doing things the hard way isn't really so bad if you just accept that it's going to take some time to get the muscle memory down. Every time you try you should get it a little better, and eventually you'll get it down.

Edge games is the ridiculous one. At least if you do it the intended way.
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