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Post Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update #2 for 3/17/17 (3/18/17 UTC,

Via the CS:GO blog:

Originally Posted by Valve
[ MISC ]
– Added new server log lines for the end of freezetime and blind players. With mp_logdetail set to 3, will now also spew player equipment when they leave the buy zone.
[ MAPS ]
– Shader rework to provide better lighting and support various features.
-Made corner piece of outside catwalk solid
-Fixed various exploits and boosts
-Fixed bug where players outside could spot players inside vents
– Fixed visible nodraw below CT bridge
– Fixed several places where the bomb could get stuck if thrown
– Fixed pixelwalk and skywalk exploits
– Fixed sticky DM spawn point in tunnels
– Fixed planting bomb on windowsill at B
– Fixed missing collision on toolbox at back of B
Rumor has it:

- Lots of the changes here are part of the shader rework: https://github.com/SteamDatabase/Gam...efdbd9e0de03b8
- Clearly_Biased of reddit and I would like to point out to you script changes included which contain goodies from the upcoming Dust 2 remake

- Most of the large size is because a majority of the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\platform\shaders\fxc\ were updated as part of the shader rework mentioned above

- Here's some news for those interested in following the upcoming publishing of CS:GO in China by Perfect World: there's a new URL for those signing up for Steam for the first time to play CS:GO while under Perfect World influence added as part of today's Steam client BETA update

- Despite the Operation 8 map pool being leaked alongside new icons, the Scaleform files that contain them have not been modified to remove them

- Size is close to 700 MB - data capped users should be prepared to take action

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I hope the assault boost fix is the removal ability to jump out of the map. I don't see other boost spots game breaking.
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they finally added chicago servers
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